Get the Look: Fairy-Tale Hair and Highlighter Halos

By Elise Elbourne

When Fairy-Tales Come to Life

Fairy-Tale Hair - Blissfully Blossoming Beauty

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Recently I watched Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette on Netflix and was instantly pulled in by the whimsical and colorful fashions from that time period. Not that this was my first time seeing it, but this time it put me in the most light-hearted mood which inspired me on many levels. Marie Antoinette embraced her passion for fashion soon after she moved to France to marry the future King Louie XVI. Soon after she arrived an era in French fashion known as Rococo began that brought along lots of bows, lace, ruffles, frills, and pastels. See my take on the pastel trend here!

Fairy-Tale Hair - Blissfully Blossoming Beauty

Besides the candy colored fashions, there was also the avant garde hair and hair accessories. French women during this time used everything from feathers to pearls to adorn their already outrageous hairstyles. These elaborate hairdos were probably a lot of fun to watch in real life! Like history, beauty and fashion trends tend to repeat themselves so it wasn’t a surprise to see InStyle magazine feature Fairy-Tale Hair in their 2018 February issue. Fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Rodarte went  for a charming romantic feel in their spring shows so they turned to bows and fresh flowers to get the job done. Watching Marie Antoinette and then seeing this fairy-tale hair trend in InStyle inspired me to create my own looks! So I took a trip to Michaels to see if I could find some unassuming “hair accessories”. Fortunately, I found exactly what I was looking for and had so much fun.

Fairy-Tale Hair - Blissfully Blossoming Beauty

Of course these looks are probably not something you would wear on any old day but it was fun to channel my inner Marie Antoinette. For a more practical hair accessory try a velvet headband or a pearl hair clip. I have so many hair accessories that I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. It’s almost like they are a part of my personality! Forever 21 has so many hair accessories that it’s hard not to find something you absolutely love. I probably have over 20 of their headbands. Check them out!

Holy Halos

Fairy-Tale Hair - Blissfully Blossoming Beauty

Next up, I tried out a makeup look also featured in the 2018 February issue of InStyle. The idea is to take dewy skin to the next level by sweeping on a highlighter from cheek to eyelid.  According to makeup artist James Kaliardos, who created these halos at the Fenty x Puma fashion show, the concept is to emulate butterfly wings. I was down for this look as soon as I heard butterflies. They are magical just like fairy-tale hair. This is a fun look that you can tone up or down depending on where you are going and what colors you choose. If you are going out for drinks and dinner then amp up the highlighter and choose a fun color like pink, for example. If you are going to work, tone it down with a more neutral color like champagne. To achieve this look, first I applied my foundation as usual. Next, I used my fingertips to apply NYX cream blush in Glow to my cheeks and eyelids. Lastly, I layered Naked Cosmetics mica pigment in Sierra Nevada #2 on my cheeks and eyelids again. This was a fun look to try and you really can’t mess it up because there is a lot of room for error unlike the dreaded cat eye lol!

Check out InStyle magazine for more style and beauty inspiration and comment below to let me know what you think!

Elise Elbourne - Blissfully Blossoming Beauty

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