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My all-time favorite beauty look that is an absolute classic is the smokey eye. I have to admit, this look used to intimidate me because of the dark colors used (typically black, gray, or brown). Eventually, after a little practice, I realized how easy this look can be if you follow several guidelines and keep the rest simple. With the holidays coming up a smokey eye is right on time and complements most holiday ensembles. This is also a great date night look if you wanna spice it up a little bit. Use the steps below as a guide and adjust as necessary to suit your taste. If I can do it and I am NOT a makeup artist, then so can you!

Steps to Achieve a Smokey Eye Look

  1. Prime eyelid with cream concealer or some type of eyelid primer to create a smooth canvas for your smokey look.
  2. Trace your top and bottom lash lines with a pencil eyeliner. I find it best to use a tight line technique where you place dots between lashes and then smudge with a small brush or Q-Tip. This technique is especially helpful on the lower lashes.
  3. Use a medium sized round brush to apply the shadow of your choice (typically black, brown or gray) just above the crease of your eyelid following its arch shape, and blend downward. Make sure you start light and build as needed.
  4. Next, retrace upper eyelid with a eyeliner in your chosen shade and blend/smudge across eyelid with fingertip or small smudger brush. Try using a liner that glides on easily.
  5. This step may vary depending on what kind of smokey eye you’re going for. If it’s a smokey cat eye you’re after then use a small blending brush to blend the previously applied shadow up and out. Using the end of your eyebrow as a guide. If you’re looking for a simple smoke look, then gently use a small blending brush to further smudge the eyeshadow until the desired look is achieved.
  6. Use a small precision brush, press some of your chosen shadow into the lower lash line to balance the look.
  7. Lastly, finish with a nice generous coat of black mascara. Remember to comb any clumps out after lashes have dried.

Source:  InStyle


  • Tap a bit of silver/gold/iridescent shadow into the corners of the eyes
  • Keep the rest of your makeup simple. For example, little blush and an understated nude or pink lip.
  • Keep the eyebrows simple. They really should not be fighting for attention with your smokey eye.
  • Avoid using blue shadow to achieve a smoky look. It tends to end up looking like you’ve been in a fight…if you know what I mean.


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Please share some of your favorite beauty looks below!

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