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I can’t believe a whole year has gone by since I started Blissfully Blossoming Beauty last August. Right now, I am experiencing a mixture of emotions and feelings. I am proud of myself for sticking it out even though there were times that I seriously considered scrapping everything. But reality quickly reminded me that I didn’t do all of this work for nothing! Like most bloggers, I had a message and vision that I wanted to share with others. It was my intention for this blog to send the message of how necessary it is to be true to yourself and follow your own path in life. To get this message across, I envisioned creating a space for my readers that would sort of resemble a magazine that also incorporated fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts. Well, I started off strong but the reality of running a full-time lifestyle blog while also having a regular 9-5 and a family quickly caught up with me. As my the blog’s anniversary was approaching, I realized that I had to adjust some things if I wanted to keeping going and get better.

Blissfully blossoming Beauty blg

What I learned in the first year…

  • I need to find a way to stand out or find my niche or both! Starting out I intended to run a lifestyle blog but did not realize how big of an undertaking it is to properly run a blog with multiple topics that do not have a common thread. Besides, it’s terrible for SEO purposes and monetization since no one really knows who you are (yet), it will be harder for readers to find your content on the web. Brands may also have a difficult time understanding what your blog is about and from what I understand most brands do not have time to figure it out, resulting in a missed opportunity.


  • I need to be more vulnerable than I think I have already been. Being vulnerable and exposing certain parts of yourself and life is also a vital key when it comes to connecting with your audience as a blogger. This past year I feel that I have been fairly open about some of my personal struggles and revelations through my Soul Gems but I do want to share more of my life to better connect with my readers. Currently my son, husband, and I live with my mom which we decided we would do so that I could stay at home with our son. Essentially I would have been working to pay for childcare so we decided to make the sacrifice. Fast forward 5 years later, Deacon is in preschool and I have been back to work (full-time) for a little over a year now. Living with my mom, although it is a blessing, has definitely made some of my blogging efforts more challenging. Fortunately, my living situation will be changing soon and I can’t wait to share more of my life when the time comes!


  • I need to check my anxieties at the door. If you’re blogging for business then you know there is soooo much behind the scenes stuff that goes on that it can make you feel like you are out of control. You are exposing your soul to the world (even if it feels like no one is listening….they are) and you are human so you can’t help but want everything to be perfect. Another thing that makes me anxious is networking with other bloggers. Am I supposed to just reach out on Instagram and say “hey you look cool, let’s hang out!”? That has always been hard for me to begin with, which is why I have like only 4 real good girl frans lol! I am definitely an ambivert so meeting new people makes me nervous sometimes. Either way it’s time to push through and make some connections.

Blissfully blossoming Beauty blg

Moving Forward…

I plan to refocus my approach to blogging by striving to fulfill my mission statement which is to use my gift of encouragement to cultivate self-worth in women through fashion, beauty, and personal development. Specifically, I would like to connect with moms by sharing posts that more of you can relate to. Whether it be a recipe or some fashion tips, I have gotten some great advice from other moms and I want to pass it on. There is so much more to learn on my journey to blogging professionally but I feel pretty good about this past year, now it’s time to bloom!

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