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Every spring I engage in a routine that I like to call “get my body right”. This routine consists of me doing three things: nairing, exfoliating, and luxuriating my skin. Basically, I remove any unwanted hair that I’ve been too lazy to remove all winter. Buff the hell out of the skin on my ENTIRE body and apply some heavy duty body lotion. Now, I definitely do these things during the winter months, I just take it up a few notches so that can be summer ready. Check out my faves below and get your summertime skin right too!

Nair (TM) Lotion with Cocoa Butter $4.99

This is my go-to when I want to remove hair from my entire leg and bikini line. My hair is very coarse and thick so this is the only depilatory that works for me. For the best results, I apply it like lotion without  actually rubbing it in then I let it sit for about 5 minutes. This time will vary for each person depending on how thick your hair is and what areas it is applied to. Afterwards, I’m left with smooth skin to the touch and zero stubble! Compared to shaving this hair removal method lasts for about a week or more. This product comes in three options: cocoa butter, baby oil, and aloe and lanolin. My favorite is the cocoa butter. Try all three and let me know what you think!

Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfoliator $26.50

My favorite part of this summertime skin care routine is the exfoliation step. I feel like I’m ready to take on maxi dresses blowing in the wind! It is the best feeling!! This is also the perfect time of the year to slough of any flakiness that the winter cold may have left behind. I’ve used this scrub for several years now, with a few others sprinkled in between, and I always come back to this one. The grit that this scrub is formulated with is exactly what my skin needs and I love the cooling sensation. I simply squeeze a quarter sized amount in my palm, apply to the desired area, then rub in a circular motion. My skin feels amazingly silky and brighter, especially after I apply my favorite lotion. To learn more about bringing your dry skin back to life click here.

Jack Black Bump Fix TM Razor Bump and Ingrown Hair Solution $8-25

Unfortunately ingrown hairs are what you risk after you shave, especially if you have coarse curly hair. Fortunately, there are great products out there to help keep them at bay like the one pictured above. This has been around for awhile but I never used it. I thought it was only for men. Then I saw a review by a woman who said she discovered her husband’s Jack Black Bump Fix and she loved it! So I decided to order it. I’ve been using it for a few months now and it definitely works. It calms my skin after I shave and there are no ingrowns anywhere in sight! The smell is delicious too, almost like you could eat it (but don’t). So enjoy the smell and rest assured that this formula features certified organic ingredients free of synthetic fragrance and colorants to help your summertime skin be its best!

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream $20-45

I always like to add a lotion to my “get my body right” routine that claims to tighten and smooth the skin. Particularly to help with any damage that extra slice of sweet potato pie may have done during the holidays. Of course creams like these can not replace the effects of working out and eating right but they can help you feel more confident about your body. I applied this to my butt and upper thighs and after a week my skin was noticeably smoother and more taut. Guaraná, which is a native Amazonian plant whose fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet is the special ingredient that this cream uses to leave skin looking flawless. It’s great for all skin types so give it a try!

Philosophy Amazing Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist $27

I purchased this body oil mist for the summer days which are right around the corner for us here in the Northern hemisphere. During the summer, I don’t always want to wear a heavy duty lotion but I always like to moisturize. So I figured why not kill two birds with one stone and order this scented body oil mist. This mist is actually part of the Amazing Grace fragrance line by Philosophy. It’s described as a powdery floral scent with key notes of musk and Lily of the Valley. It leaves my skin feeling super silky. Just spray all over and gently rub it in.

Comment below and let me know what you think about these products. Have you used any or all of them? Shout out your summertime skin care faves!

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