Valentine’s day is almost here! If you’re a busy mom like me, you don’t have a minute to think about what you are going to wear. Hell, my husband and I barely have time to celebrate Valentine’s day! We normally end up throwing together some last minute plans. The same way I throw together a last minute V Day outfit. At this point in my life being comfortable often trumps being cute. So I pulled a few pieces together for this last minute idea: a skinny velvet scarf, a fitted sweater dress, fishnet tights and a pair of blush heels. These items (or some variation of them) are probably already in your closet! What can you pull together?

Sweater dress from Forever 21 is sold out (similar version) / Velvet skinny scarf from Forever 21 is sold out (similar version) / Fishnet tights from Forever 21 are sold out (similar version) / Shoes from JustFab


Tips to Creating a Quick Romantic Look:

    1. Grab your favorite dress that is easy to wear and makes you feel amazing. Preferably a solid color so that you can effortlessly dress it up with accessories.
    2. Choose a fabulous statement piece whether it be a necklace, earrings, bracelet or all three – this is where you should play around and have fun!
    3. Select your favorite pair of black pumps (which we all have) or spice up your look with a colored pump like these pink one’s I got from JustFab!
    4. Put on a pair of racy eye-catching hosiery like the one’s I’m wearing above. Fishnets not your thing? Try a sheer black stocking with a back seam. A sexy classic that’s a little more understated.
    5. Add a true red or pretty pink lipstick to instantly inject that va va voom factor into your entire look. Check out my Beauty Faves for some lippie color ideas!
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