Fix Those Chapped Lips!

Chapped Lips Bombshell Tips

Chapped, dried out, cracked or flaky lips can be an annoying problem during the winter months for those of us who live somewhere with a real winter season. The harsh cold can be down right rude and laugh at all attempts you make to keep your lips moisturized. And if you’re like me when it comes to your lips, you already carry some form of lip moisturizer at all times! Seriously, I can’t relax and be normal when my lips are chapped. I feel like everyone that I cross paths with is staring at my dusty lips!

While I’m sure that most of you have an idea of how to saturate those luscious lips, I’d like to share my lip routine. You never know it might help a lost soul or two. But before I do that, let’s review some other reasons why you may be experiencing dry, chapped, or cracked lips. According to 7 Warning Signs Your Lips Are Giving You in Good Housekeeping, lips that are dry and chapped may be a sign that you are dehydrated which is nothing to play around with. So if this is the case, grab some water and then grab the lip balm.

Lips that are cracked at the edges may also be the result of a another culprit….drool! I admit it, I am a drooler when I sleep. And although I have never suffered from cracked lips because of this, I can see how it may contribute to this unfortunate symptom. If you do suffer from cracked lips make sure to visit your doctor or a dermatologist as it could be be a mild yeast infection from the drool, especially if you wear a retainer. For more important signs that your lips may be giving you check out that Good Housekeeping article that I linked for you.

Now as I promised, here is my lip routine that I try to keep up with year -round but definitely crack the reins on myself during the colder months.

Chapped Lips Bombshell Tips 1

1. Like I mentioned above, I NEVER leave home without a lip balm or gloss. For years I used Bonne bell lip balm in Cotton Candy (OBSESSED) but decided to try this Vaseline lip therapy in rosy lips one day and ended up loving it. It provides a nice pink tint for an everyday look. This balm also comes in three other kinds: Original, Aloe and Cocoa Butter.


Chapped Lips Bombshell Tips 2

2. Another important step in my lip routine is to exfoliate. This is, in my opinion, the most important step because that dry flaky skin needs some help getting off those lips. If you find yourself picking at your lips, guess what it’s time to exfoliate them! Try Chap Stick total hydration – a natural conditioning lip scrub and then go rock your favorite matte lippie!


Chapped Lips Bombshell Tips 3

3. The last thing I do every night before bed is simply apply any lip product I have with coconut oil in it. I’ll even dab pure coconut oil on my lips if I have it on hand. A nice coat of Chap Stick coconut hydration before bed will leave you with the most supple lips each morning you wake up.

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