Power is the alignment of your personality with your soul. – Gary Zukov


Have you ever been in a situation where you decided to stand your ground no matter what and felt incredibly empowered by your decision to do so? The feeling of empowerment in that moment is what it means to find your power. Anytime you stand up for what you love, need or believe in – you strengthen that place of power and confidence within.

But often times standing up for something we believe in requires us to face our true selves. Because our personalities are influenced by our life experiences and what we have been taught, it is necessary to examine these teachings as they may no longer align with who we truly are as an individual.

As you begin to examine certain ideals that you have learned in order to decipher what feels right, or what jells with your soul and what doesn’t, you may come to a crossroads. One road is basically a continuation of your current path, where you continue to ignore that little voice within that is trying to lead you to your power. While the other road will challenge you to face your deepest thoughts and feelings, eventually leading to actualized self-empowerment if you continue on this road.


When I turned 30 I came to this same crossroads. Up until that point the way I lived my life was largely influenced by what I thought others expected of me. I was so accustomed to walking a path that seemed normal and right to me, simply because that’s what everyone else was doing. I did not realize that I had lost my power along the way. Some of the characteristics that make me who I am were being stifled by my attempt to fit into society. As a result, I felt like I had no voice and was not on my true life path.

Fast forward to now, as I face my 35th birthday this year, I no longer doubt my decisions regarding what’s best for myself and my family. I stopped internalizing the opinions of others and got my power back. Then I decided to start this blog so that I could do what I feel like I do best…inspire.

This is why finding your power is crucial; once you know who you are and who you are not, your course in life becomes much clearer to you. To do this I suggest you start with accepting your flaws. Check out The Power of Nakedness where I discuss accepting your flaws and how empowering it can be in more detail.

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