Sephora Collection – Blushing For You Blush Palette $26.50

Beauty Products - Blush

Blush is always a must for me whether I’m getting fully glammed up or just running some errands. I love it that much and I feel like I look more approachable with it on. So I decided to search for a palette with a few shades to choose from that was reasonably priced. The Sephora collection came to the rescue with a palette containing a total of six shades! There are three pans, each holding two shades which are a matte and shimmer option. You can layer the matte and shimmer blushes for a more intense look or you can just use the shimmer for a subtle highlight. Either way you are gonna look fabulous!

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Trust Fund Beauty Nail Lacquer – Champagne Problems $20

Beauty Products - Nail Polish

Since gold is having a moment in the beauty world I chose this polish by Trust Fund Beauty. Playfully named champagne problems, it is described as a metallic gold foil polish that dries in the best metallic finish that I have ever seen! In my experience, metallic polish tends to pick up the slightest imperfection on the nail bed. But there are no problems of that kind here. And the best part about this polish and the rest of the beauty products offered by Trust Fund Beauty is that they are non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free. So while the holidays may be over for now, you can continue to sparkle just a little bit longer.

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Sephora Collection – Confetti Set of 5 Mini Sponges $12

Beauty Products - Sponges

When I saw this set of mini sponges, I thought they were too cute to pass by. In reality I’m not a huge fan of the sponge for makeup application. Mostly because I’m just not sure if it is thoroughly cleaned and it feels odd patting my face with a huge sponge! These mini sponges, however, may have changed my mind. Because they are much smaller, I feel like they can be cleaned more meticulously. There are also five of them in various shapes that allow you to target hard-to-reach places. Like under the eye and around the nose. These sponges can be used with liquids, creams, powders and minerals to achieve a flawless finish. Additionally, they are latex-free and did I mention there’s five of them!? I don’t know about you guys but I need options.

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Clinique – Great Skin, Great Deal Set for Dry Combination Skin $26

Beauty Products - Clinique

The Great Skin, Great Deal Set for combination dry skin by Clinique is exactly that. You get two travel size items (liquid facial soap in mild and clarifying lotion 2) as well as a full-sized bottle of dramatically different moisturizing lotion+. This set is one of my oldie but goodie faves because Clinique is a pretty well known and trusted beauty brand whose products are designed to help customers achieve consistently healthy skin. Their products are allergy tested, created by a dermatologist and 100% fragrance-free. This particular set is a three-step skincare regimen for dry combination skin types but a set for oily combination skin is also available. Clinique offers high quality skin care for decent prices for those individuals who want to step up from drugstore skin care products. Give it a try, your skin will thank you. As you can see I already did lol!

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Garnier Fructis – Damage Eraser Split End Bandage $5

Beauty Products - Hair Product

I decided to try Garnier Damage Eraser Split End Bandage after I recently got a trim, but still noticed some split ends were hanging around. I saw a difference immediately after the first use. My ends appeared much smoother with little to no frays. While this product is formulated to build healthier hair and protect it from future damage, it did seem to have an immediate effect. Because this formula uses plant-based proteins and active fruit concentrate to strengthen and protect hair,  you can rest assured that your hair will be cared for from root to tip as Ganier proclaims.

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