Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. -Carl Jung

IMG_0141Have you ever reacted negatively to a situation and later questioned why you reacted in that way? You probably ended up rationalizing your reaction but if you never deal with the root of why you reacted this way – it will happen again. It will happen again because our behavioral impulses are influenced by our unconscious minds. The unconscious may be described as a collection of all our past experiences, beliefs and feelings that have been grouped into categories. When we encounter a situation, we reference the appropriate category unconsciously, which then directs our behavior before we have a chance to reflect on it.

Not only is our behavior greatly impacted by the unconscious, but the energy we send out into the world is as well. The unconscious energy we exude attracts certain situations, events and people to us. It may seem like things randomly happen but we are actually attracting them. This is not to say that fate does not play a role to some extent in our lives. I truly believe that our innate influences guide our life paths. So how can we be come more aware of what’s going on in our unconscious minds in order to make peace with it and evolve?

  1. Examine your habits and beliefs/”truths” which are deeply rooted in the unconscious and rule your life whether you believe it or not.
  2. Pay attention to negative emotions especially. Why are you having them? Are they valid? Even if they are valid – do you really need to react at all?
  3. Reflect on your dreams. This is where our unconscious thoughts live and from my experiences, dreams will always tell you what you really need to know.



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