Since I have not posted any Bombshell Tips in awhile, I thought that I would provide some general tips. These are things that I do myself as part of my daily/weekly beauty rituals. So read on and hopefully you can steal a tip or two!

Death To Blackheads

Who hates blackheads? I think it’s safe to say everyone does but how can you get rid of them or at least keep them away for a longer period of time? A tip I picked up from a dermatologist was to dab a face mask with salicylic acid in it on your nose about 2-3 times a week. The salicylic acid gets rid of dead skin and unclogs pores. I’ve been doing this for several years and I definitely notice a reduction in reappearance time.

Get Your Best Glow On

Another skin care tip I found involves exfoliating. I read in a magazine that it’s a good practice to exfoliate before you wash your face. This allows the cleanser to penetrate the skin more effectively because a layer of dead skin has been scrubbed away. Don’t forget to remove make up with a wipe before you exfoliate.

It’s the Brush

I used to use my fingers to apply liquid foundation until I purchased a Pro Flawless Airbrush from the Sephora Collection. Ever since then I’ve never used my fingers again! This brush seamlessly blends the foundation into my skin so that it doesn’t look as harsh. I also use it to blend my blush as well.

Scrub Those Lips

One thing I can’t stand is when my lips are chapped so I constantly exfoliate and use lip balm when I’m not wearing any lipstick. So when I ran out of my lip exfoliant one night, I panicked and grabbed some sugar and honey. I did this because I’d seen a natural recipe somewhere for a body scrub with these two ingredients and I figured it would work for my lips too and it did! You simply mix a few drops of honey with a pinch or two of sugar and gently scrub your lips for about 30 seconds and then rinse off.

Make Your Lips Pop

Another tip for lips that I discovered involves concealer. Specifically, if you plan to wear a vibrant lip shade, just dab a little concealer on your lips and then apply the shade. The concealer helps the lip color to stay on a little longer and makes the color pop. From my experience this works best with lipsticks, stains and glosses. Matte formulas tend to flake with the concealer combo. I like to only use a lip primer when I wear matte formulas.

Get Your Hair Some Shade

Since I ditched relaxers and went natural, I’ve become more aware of hair care. One thing that I never thought about when I relaxed my hair is UV protection. Evidently, the sun can be damaging to hair color and the cuticles causing dry brittle hair. Textured hair is even more vulnerable which is why I use Jane Carter’s Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner. Find out more about this product and other handy beauty items from my October Faves!



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