Stop acting acting so small when you are the universe in ecstatic motion.



In the past I always resisted being vulnerable. I didn’t realize at the time that moments of vulnerability can result in marvelous outcomes. Being vulnerable means that you bravely lay all of who you are as an individual out on the table and risk being accepted or rejected. It takes courage to do this – which is why sometimes it’s easier to shrink into a smaller version of yourself. But when you shrink you hold back pieces of you that limit your impact on the world. You also miss out on experiencing the magic that is within you.

As I was getting ready for bed one night the phrase magic happens in your realness popped into my head. In that instance, I realized that it was time to trust the beauty of my magic. No more holding back or limiting myself. You have to go beyond any limits to reach your star potential. My decision to create this blog was a challenge to myself to maintain my vulnerability. Maintaining my vulnerability is a reminder to love and accept the parts of myself that are not as perfect as I would like them to be because it’s all leading me to my destiny. Ultimately, my motivation to continue evolving as an individual is what drives me to continue being me unapologetically.  So go after what you want, step into your realness and watch beautiful magic happen in your life.

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