All human life has it’s seasons and cycles, and no one’s personal chaos can be permanent. -Truman Capote

IMG_0141A couple weeks ago I wrote a post called You’re Not Late, You’re Early which is about the frustration of being in a suspended state in your life and why it is sometimes necessary for this period. Well I received a request to expand on the topic, so this week I decided to specifically talk about recognizing phases or seasons in one’s life.

When I had my son, I stayed at home with him for three years and during that time I felt like parts of my life had been postponed which was really frustrating at times. I had dreams that I couldn’t work towards the way I wanted to yet. Eventually I realized through extensive self-reflection that I was supposed to be working on the blueprint for my dreams. For me, it was time to plan and that’s what I did.

I truly believe life is like a wheel that goes around. Sometimes you’re up and everything seems to be in your favor – it’s your harvest season. Then there are times when you may feel down on your luck or stuck in a place you don’t want to be in. This is the time to plant your seeds as well as hibernate and rejuvenate. Other times, things are just right and you may actually feel balanced – even if it only lasts for a few moments! Whatever your season is, you can only make the most of it when you trust the natural order of the world we live in. Accessing your inner wisdom by quieting your mind lets you surrender to the natural flow of life. Using the insight gained from reflection can help to guide your actions appropriately allowing for better use of your season.

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