Apparently bandanas have recently come back in style, although, in my opinion they have always been fashionable. Even though I was not always into bandanas, they have become a staple in my accessory collection since I became a mom. They allow me to tie up my hair when it’s not looking the best and they give my outfit some edge.

In fact, the bandana’s edginess initially kept me from wearing them. I was not always confident that I could pull off the look because to me they represented a tough image. When I started to play around with them, however, I realized that I could make the look whatever I wanted.

FullSizeRender (13)

Depending on how it’s styled, you can still pull off a chic or feminine look. Best of all, this accessory is not only extremely versatile but it is also very inexpensive. So if you haven’t already, try the bandana trend this upcoming fall season and do be sure to try them in a few colors as they come in several!

FullSizeRender (14) ~Elise

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